La Quinta Residents Sign the Petition

  Why a Ballot Initiative?

Our City Council has taken no significant steps to restore safety and quality of life to residents in residential zoned communities leaving N4N no other option than a ballot initiative.


N4N has done our due diligence on behalf of the residents of La Quinta. We studied STVRs in La Quinta, looked at what other cities are doing, hosted a website to allow residents a forum to voice opinions. N4N conducted the most robust credible Survey ever done in La Quinta and submitted to City Council a comprehensive report, "Vision for La Quinta" recommending resident focused solutions.


Most importantly, we talked to the people. The residents are clear: they want neighbors in our neighborhoods, not unsecured, non-supervised rentals.


Despite the N4N's findings, City Council didn’t listen. It's time to act. The best solution is to let the community speak by direct vote, which means a ballot initiative. 

In order to qualify for a ballot initiative, we must gather 3,000 signatures from La Quinta voters. That’s a monumental task, and we need your help!

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History of La Quinta STVR Program

Why hasn't the City restored Quality of Life


Sign the Petition Initiative Kick Off  

N4N of La Quinta kicked off a petition drive February 10th to get an Initiative Measure on the November ballot that would ask residents whether the city should phase out most short-term vacation rental properties in residential neighborhoods by Dec. 31, 2024.

“We want the ability to vote on this issue,” N4N member Edie Hylton said.

More than 40 people attended a press conference held by representatives of “Neighbors for Neighborhoods La Quinta,” or N4N. Many were holding red and white signs that read: “Save Our Neighborhoods. Save Our City. Sign the Petition.”

What do neighbors say? 

“This argument that profits trump human rights and health is not a valid, humane position to take.  In reality, property values diminish when you have short-term renters who destroy property, and when you have landlords who purchase these homes with the intent of making a profit out of it.”

Resident Marlene Fradis, addressing the City council, April 6, 2021

“STVRs ruin communities since you can’t be neighbors with transients.  They also create more noise, cars, and trash can problems than a long-term renter would” (Survey #473)

“I have owned a rental property in La Quinta for 3 years.  The long-term people were never a problem.  The short-term people are not in a hotel so that they can get drunk, misbehave.  They add little to the economy, they are living out of their coolers in the backyard until they pass out. (Survey #40)

"We live in a gated community and many of the homes have been sold to investors for rentals. We have 2 on either side of us. We didn’t buy here to hear pool parties. I have no problem with long term rentals. We’ve made friends with several over the years. This has got to stop!" (Steve, PGAW)

Read more Testimonials from your fellow residents...

It's About Your Neighborhood



The City of La Quinta issued loosely restricted Business Permits that allowed Short-term Vacation Rentals (STVRs) to proliferate in low-density, single-family Residential Zones.


Permitted for large numbers of transient occupants, STVRs are mini-motels. STVRs are businesses, not family residences, and belong in the City's Tourist-Commercial zones, not Residential zones.

Vacation rentals reduce long-term housing availability and displace residents. The renters have proven to be a nuisance and a danger threatening our resident's quiet enjoyment.




Do what the City Council has failed to do. Ban STVRs in residential zones by putting a Ballot Initiative to voters. Let the voters decide for themselves.


  1. Reassert the right to live in non-commercial, single-family residential neighborhoods protected by zoning.

  2. Restore and improve our available housing in residential zones for our working families.

  3. Restore and return our residential neighborhood integrity, character, and livability.

  4. Restrict STVRs to Tourist  Commercial Zones within the City.


A Ballot Initiative is needed to put La Quinta on the right track!


Helped by Hosting Platforms such as AirB&B and VRBO, STVRs are a profitable business.

La Quinta passes ordinances to regulate and permit STVRs in residential neighborhoods.

            City collects Fees & Occupancy Taxes.

            City increases Code Enforcement staff to manage complaints citywide.

Outside Investor Groups bid up homes in R1 zones to acquire lucrative home rental properties.

Unconstrained growth of STVRs continues to 16% saturation within La Quinta… overwhelming many neighborhoods….Cove, North La Quinta, HOA’s without STVR restrictions…

Residents began voicing concern to City Council!

In Person...

In Writing...

STVR renters are weekly nuisance… 

party noise, loud music, parking, trash, trespassing, overcrowding,…

Residents feel unsafe, & sometimes threatened… Feel a Loss of Community!...


Residents want Quality of Life Back!



What residents are doing?


  • Residents are voicing concern to City Council

  • Forming Citizen Groups to advocate for Quality of Life

Neighborhoods are for Neighbors

Neighbors for Neighborhoods of LQ (N4N)

Survey of La Quinta Residents

Vision for La Quinta Report


  • HOA’s are changing CC&R’s to ban future STVR growth

  • Other Coachella Valley Cities experience the same predatory and destructive STVR trends

Joshua Tree, Pioneer Village, Indio, Idyllwild


  • Many other communities around California & the US are struggling to eliminate the impact of STVRs

  Cathedral City, Palm Desert, Rancho Mirage, Indian Wells


  • Residents must fight Investors (VROM) who are filing law suits to preserve their lucrative businesses within Residential Zones!

What's the city doing?


  • La Quinta City Council passed an Indefinite “Stay” on new STVR permits… but leaving over 1,000 STVRs

  • The “Stay” is temporary while solutions can be found to coexist with STVRS in residential neighborhoods

  • Mayor Evans’ (Desert Sun Sept 24,2020);

“I do not support banning STVRs in La Quinta. We need $3.5M revenue… hence the need to make changes in the program for a successful co-existence.”

  • City Council issued an RFP for an ERP software development program to manage future STVR program

  • These programs & others are designed to remove the “Stay” and allow unconstrained STVR growth!

These goals are opposite of creating strong neighborhoods.

The La Quinta City Mayor & Council are going the Wrong Way.

We need to put the issue of STVRs on a referendum so voters can decide the future of their city!