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Neighbors for Neighborhoods of LQ (N4N) is a non-partisan group of residents formed in June 2020 to find a balanced solution to the problems created by short term vacation rentals in communities zoned residential. 


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Our mission is to stop the commercial exploitation of our residential communities and restore homeowners' rights, quality of life and safety.

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Neighbors for Neighborhoods of La Quinta

Advocating for Safe, Peaceful, Neighborhoods

A Campaign Fund has been established by N4N for La Quinta city residents who will join us in supporting a Ballot Initiative to permanently restrict nightly rentals to a minimum of 30 days in residentially zoned neighborhoods and only allow nightly rentals in tourist commercial zones. 


Our opponents, the corporate and out-of-state investors, are mounting a major effort to defeat this ballot measure. They are funding a war chest with a goal exceeding $250,000. These monies will be used for TV and newspaper ads, printing costs, yard signs, multiple mailings, pamphlets, legal costs, commercial phone sales teams, door to door canvassing services and more. At this time, we are outgunned as a volunteer homeowner group totally dependent on donations.

We are asking our concerned neighbors and over 2,400 N4N members to join us and support this important initiative, something our elected city council is unwilling or unable to do on their own.


The contributions to this Campaign Fund will go directly to support our outreach efforts and allow use to stand up to outside lobbyists and absentee landlords who are monetizing our neighborhoods.

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N4N is organizing a list of residents who wish to walk neighborhoods, work phone banks and put out signs showing their support for Measure A. Please consider one of the volunteer opportunities below.

Thank you for volunteering!  The N4N Team

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