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Initiative Archive - Table of Content

Contained within this drop down list are reports, recommendations and supporting information. 

Vision for La Quinta

Neighbors for Neighborhoods (N4N) produced a 100 page report with recommendations and presented it to the La Quinta City Council on January 5, 2021.  

How We Got Here

A brief history of the city of La Quinta's STVR program to Resident compromised quality of life.


Frequently asked questions on 2022 Measure A Ballot Initiative 

Fact Check

The La Quinta City Council produced a Measure A Economic Impact Statement and 10 year City Budget. N4N checks their facts.

LQ STVR Program

Comparison of Regulations driving the decisions by City Council and other stake holders within la Quinta neighborhoods.

Quality of Life?

Why hasn't the City Council acted to restore residential zones and quality of life?

Can Enforcement Work?

Why not wait until regulations and enforcement have had a chance to work? Consider the actions taken by all other Coachella Valley communities.

Learn More

Actions taken by City Council, Ad Hoc Committee Report, Survey Results, Decided Case Law and more... 

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