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Testimonial Listing Received by N4N

"We had 7 short-term rental party houses in our community. Our community CC&Rs do not allow short term vacation rentals. Many letters of complaint to our lax HOA to crack down finally provided some relief. On Coachella weekends, we would be awakened at 4am because renters partied when they returned from the festival."

Bruce, Parc La Quinta

October, 19, 2022

"The home across the street is a STVR. Almost every weekend there are new occupants. The previous owners became good friends with whom we shared meals and celebrations. Now there is no contact. A link in our neighborhood has been severed."


Mario, The Cove

September 14, 2022



"I prefer to have neighbors I know will not be temporary week-end people." 

Carol, PGAW

September 14, 2022

"Short-term renters regularly use the golf course during daytime golfing hours for group sports activities - and once even for yoga exercises on mats placed in the middle of the active fairway! You can't stop these people!"

Joesph, PGAW

September 14, 2022

"There is an abundance of vehicles parking on our street, the loud parties with loud music, no respect for people who live in the neighborhood."

Cynthia, North La Quinta

September 14, 2022


"Noise pollution. Disregard for the neighborhood and adjacent neighbors. This applies to rentals primarily associated with the music festivals, any nightly rental for less than at least one month."


Roger, Rancho Santana

September 6, 2022

"I have two neighbors, one next door and one next door to him that rent over 200 days each year, almost every Friday thru Sunday. They break many of the rules, including not parking cars in driveway, too many cars and people, too loud at time and going on to private golf course to play and frolic. There is no let up week after week. One problem is the security guard can only come and cite the disturbance only if there is a violation due to noise. Otherwise, they have no jurisdiction over any of the other bad behaviors. I hope you are successful."

Donald, PGAWest II, La Quinta

September 3, 2022

"The STVR down the street caused problems with loud noise and partying. So one of the neighbors called and reported it to the hotline but gave the wrong address! They gave them my address mistakenly and the City of La Quinta never visited my house but called me and jumped all over me with threats of fines. I gave them the correct address and they either did nothing or the owner doesn't care what they say. I don't really know."

Susan, The Cove

September 2, 2022

"The Cars from the short term rental are parked all over our streets.. we can’t park in front of our own home … strangers are parking in front of our house… feels unsafe"

Esther, La Quinta Cove

August 4, 2022


"I am sympathetic with those of my neighbors that are effected by STVRs. I want to keep the Cove a neighborhood . I don't feel comfortable with strangers coming and going. As a resident of 36 years, I love my close knit community and want it to stay that way."

Karen, La Quinta Cove

August 4, 2022

"A neighboring STVR house allows HUGE groups, who party loudly out by the pool until well past the 10:00 curfew, disrupting what is usually a serene environment."

Cynthia, La Quinta Cove

August 4, 2022

"My Viet Nam Veteran husband suffers from PTSD. It is important for him to be aware of his surroundings at all times. He is continuously nervous and anxious of his surroundings as he monitors all of the people coming and going at the STVR next door."

M., La Quinta Cove

July 14, 2022

"The house behind me is only supposed to rent for 30 days minimum. The owner ignores the rules and rents for weeks and weekends. The tenants are loud and disrespectful of the people who actually live in this community."

Terri, La Quinta Cove

June 13, 2022

"We have a neighbor who operates a 10-bedroom STVR and, essentially, bullies anyone who is not pro-STVRs. This woman claims the street surrounding her home as space for HER guests and maliciously reports vehicles parked on her side of the street as abandoned vehicles."

Claudia, Highland Palms

October 20, 2022

"Overnight renters are not neighbors. We bought our home in La Quinta Cove in 2012 and have put many hours of labor into fixing it up. This neighborhood is a gem, and we thoroughly enjoy everything it offers … until the weekends arrive. Short-term vacation renters, usually crowds of young adults, arrive here for weekends of partying. They ... feel entitled to party as they wish, all day long and into the late night hours. We’ve tried to address the issue directly, but the renter’s response is either an apology without change or a reply telling us to mind our own business. We’ve had one short-term party house behind us for years and now we have another short-term rental beside us. A community filled with short-term rentals is not a community. Short-term visitors come and go with little respect for surrounding residents."


Mariel & John, La Quinta Cove

April 14, 2022

"There is a short-term vacation rental across the street and the owner has been horrible to us. She is upset if we park any of our vehicles on "her" side of the public street. She keeps reporting our vehicles to the City of La Quinta and the Riverside County Sheriff as being abandoned. We just want to live in peace."

Kelly, Highland Palms 

April 20,2022

​"What I notice as the effect of STVRs in my neighborhood

  1. Increased numbers of cars parked on the streets

  2. Noise coming from STVR’s all times of the day and night

  3. Ruining a neighborhood feel of neighbors knowing neighbor

  4. I have been threatened by an STVR owner that simply thought I might have filed a complaint on her property. 


STVR’s have ruined my peace and quiet quality of life and turned my neighborhood into a strangerhood. I have lived here for many years, and what WAS a friendly neighborly place has become a place that the City of La Quinta allows commercial inn’s be run as full time businesses. I feel that residential zoning laws have been violated by the city of La Quinta, solely for the city’s gain in tax revenues. This has been done at the expense of La Quinta’s full time residents and the city should be ashamed for ruining taxpayers quality of life. This has gone on LONG ENOUGH, and the city of La Quinta needs to take responsibility and restore the quality of life for La Quinta’s full time residents by ridding the city of STVR’s. How DARE the City for even considering profiting off the degradation of quality of life for it’s full time residents and tax paying citizen’s"

Robert, Highland Palms

March 22, 2022

"I live in the Highland Palms area and we have tons of short-term rentals here….hope for NO more!  One rental property is just around the corner from our house. The owners, have had huge parties there with valet parking that takes up spaces on our streets.  The bands and parties are very loud.  I did not move in to be next to a hotel which is what I reported a few years back when they were talking about ‘permits and costs’ at a LQ council meeting.  In fact, I mentioned that it was not disclosed to me that there were rentals next to my house.  So, with that, I would also push for a ‘where are the current STVR’s’ so everyone can pull that up for disclosure purposes when selling a home."


Brian, Highland Palms

March 15, 2022

"We have seen our neighborhood change in the 12 years we've wintered here. The street now has triple the STVRs in a short time because our homes our reasonably priced. Not knowing who will be in the homes on either side of us is frustrating. The loud music and pool parties all night is maddening. We have a long-term renter on one side now and that's fine. We've got to know them a little and like long term renters as neighbors."

Joanne, PGAW

February 18, 2022

"Last night there was a HUGE disturbance/party on Vallejo at the top of the Cove with hundreds of kids going up and down the street, drinking, smoking and loud music playing from a house! Broken beer bottles and glass littered the street. The Sheriff was called by numerous residents and the party was shut down. This is the 2nd weekend of activity that had to be shut down (2 days last weekend that went on until about 4pm). Absolutely unacceptable behavior!! Btw: party was on rental property.."

Betty, Cove

January 24, 2022

“The biggest issue with STVR's is the noise. Constant day and night. Screaming, yelling, fighting, blaring music. The stress caused because you do not know when the noise is going to start, then you must call, then wait for it to stop, then the stress of knowing the noise will start up again, but when. And it is every time these are rented, not few and far between as owners of STVR's want to make people believe. It is also bringing down property values. One neighbor lost a cash sale of their house when the buyer found out about the several STVR's bordering and nearby. STVR's are Commercial Businesses located in ZONED Residential Areas.... period.”


Dennis, Desert Club Estates

April 9, 2021




“I have several located next to my property and have called every time I have had a problem to the Hot Line and City manager.”


Leo, Desert Club Estates

April 9, 2021


“I lived next to one for 1 1/2 years, called hotline and city many times. STVR owner lived in Temecula, he withdrew his license then decided to seek revenge on myself and the neighborhood. These places remove the quality of life from neighborhoods and add unnecessary traffic and noise. La Quinta has plenty of resorts.”


Rod, The Cove

May 3, 2021


“My mother and I bought our house in the Cove for a 2nd family home and we never plan on renting it. We hear people partying and disrespecting our neighborhood all the time.  In the 5 months we’ve lived here, I have been approached many times by people letting me know they want to buy my house.  I have a feeling this whole area would be bought up by investors if everyone would sell. I would like to do anything I can to stop this….as I feel this is becoming out if hand.”


Debra, The Cove

April13, 2021




“I live on cul-de-sac that backs up to Fiesta Drive....Fiesta has 8 STVRs and we have one on the cul-de-sac and another waiting for his permit. They are noisy and advertise as party houses. I want them out of my neighborhood ....there are 10 in a 1 mile radius!”


Vicky, North La Quinta

March 7, 2021




“I live a block from Old Town. Behind my property there is an STVR that has been remodeled to accommodate 7 bedrooms. They have a pool, numerous outdoor seating areas including a putting green, outdoor grills, and a basketball hoop next to the property line between us, very close to my master bedroom.“Across from that “residential hotel”, another is in the process of being built as a rental unit. Across the street from me, there are four STVR units that also rent out every weekend. Another two houses down on my side is being renovated to become a rental. Every weekend we are being forced to call the hotline and to police the neighborhood. Loud music after 10pm is the least of it! After its once again quiet and the cars are gone, they leave their trash behind while we homeowners wait for the next weekend so we can do it all again.” 

“Not exactly like any residential neighborhood I’ve ever lived in before.”


Diane, Old Town

April 29, 2021



“A private investor from Newport Beach, has purchased 3 properties directly surrounding my property, 2 in back, and just recently bought my neighbor’s property right next door. One is already permitted; they’re putting in pools and doing construction in the others and now they want to buy my property!  I already have an STVR directly behind me and has been a source of irritation for years. I can hear everything going on in his pool area, from my patio and my bedroom...and it’s always a party; laughing, talking, music, ... and it’s rented practically nonstop, especially weekends of course, including the summers. I’m really fed up... Now I am totally surrounded by vacation party homes... I’ve emailed the City about limiting proximity and number of vac homes one individual can own, they don’t seem to care at all!”


S, The Cove, La Quinta

April 16,2021




“Two on our block, my friend on the corner has been verbally abused by the owner next door and now is seriously thinking of moving! It’s wrong.”


Judy, The Cove

February 15, 2021




“Loud noise, different people coming in and out, which is ruining the neighborhood. We should be able to feel relaxed in our own home plus get to know the neighbors.”


Catherine, The Cove

January 29, 2011



“There is a STVR next door and 4 others within 100 yards of my house. Due to the STVRs, we see speeding within the neighborhood where children live, noise issues, trash issues, parking issues, and underage drinking. My neighborhood is the best for families due to its proximity to schools and La Quinta Park. However, every time a house goes up for sale it’s turned into a STVR because working class families can’t compete with the business that is well funded.  If the problem is not addressed, my neighborhood will no longer be safe or beneficial to my family and other families.”


Kevin, North La Quinta

January 13, 2021


“STVRs are causing me to lose sleep and affecting the neighborhood in a negative way. Cars parked everywhere. I feel like my neighborhood has become fraternity row.” 


Scott, PGAW

December 8, 2020

“Rancho Ocotillo is getting more than a fair share of STVRs. It is like living next to a Motel 6! The owner of one of the STVR on my street has been cited several times, fined, and suspended for not following the rules. ….  LaQuinta was once the most beautiful city for permanent residents, part-time residents, and vacationers. The nature of the STVR has thrown us off balance and I think will degrade the value of our city.”


Jill, North La Quinta

December 7, 2020




“No neighbors, all houses around me are short term rentals, parties every weekend!”


Lesli, The Cove

November 27, 2020

“We have overflowing refuse every single week on Oak Hill. It’s common to see shirtless men walking around the area. Open Garage doors are not unusual. Speed limits are frequently violated. COVID pool rules are often ignored. Generally speaking, the neighborhood is degraded on weekends.”



November 21, 2020

“Many renters convert neighborhoods into a college-like frat house row with noise, drunk behavior, ill-parked cars, too many guests, litter, trespassing and more. Short term renters are not neighbors, they are uninvited guests that disrupt the neighborhood, make it dangerous for our own children or grandchildren and rob us of peace and quiet.”


David, PGAW

November 19,2020

“People renting "short term" often do not treat the neighborhoods with respect. This disrespect is shown by creating excessive noise, disobeying the rules of the community facilities, overcrowding the parking areas at the residence, illegally using the private amenities, etc.”


Carol, PGAW

November 16, 2020




“I live next to a pool so the noise from STVR is much louder then long-term residents. STVRs don’t take into consideration the people that live here and how we enjoy the peace and quiet that our neighborhood has when they are not here. I heard from one STVR owner who said, “We have to rent our place to be able to afford a place here”. Well, I will be damned.”


Shelly, PGAW

November 16, 2020




“Noise and traffic are the main concerns. Speeding is a particular problem. Trash has also been a problem depending on the people using the facilities.” 


The Cove

November 12, 2020

We have had to call security several times this summer. Noise, overcrowding in rentals, late night loud use of pools. I believe many are not properly permitted.” 


Paul, PGAW

November 16, 2020




“We had two STVR’s next to us. One neighbor has sold their home to a full-time family (yay!). 

The other neighbor continues to rent and is so arrogant! I texted him (at his Newport Beach home) at 10:30PM about his renters’ loud voices, hooting and hollering at the pool.  He texted me back that “it is part of the joy of the desert to enjoy the backyard in the evening” …. At 11:15PM, I called the City of La Quinta….

We finally fell asleep at 12:30PM, while they were still outside going strong.  

So frustrating!  I wonder how he [the owner] would feel if this was happening at his home in Orange County?” 


Terri, PGAW

August 24, 2021




“Long term vacation rentals appear to care about the property they are renting.  Short term rentals are simply party houses, very often young people, who could care less about the property or the neighbors because they are only there for a few nights.”


Karen, PGAW

December 12, 2021



“We must continually call Code Compliance and the STVR Hotline every weekend. We’re tired of having to continually call the STVR Hotline number for Party Houses (3) around our house.” 


Ann, The Cove

November 27, 2020




“We are seriously considering leaving LaQuinta where we pay property taxes exceeding $12,000 per year. Our street is filled with STVRs and they have ruined our quality of life for which we pay dearly.” 


Survey Respondent #224, PGAW

December 1, 2020




“We're a residential community not an incubator for "would be" motels operated by absentee landlords. They are businesses and beginning to destroy the fabric of our neighborhood. We are losing good neighbors who are fed up with this situation and voting with their feet. The city is driven by myopic greed in its embrace of STVRs. Is the money it generates even a consideration when it comes to the long-term livability of our neighborhoods? Stop it now!” 


Survey Respondent #334, PGAW

December 1, 2020




“Short term renters are inconsiderate and in some cases belligerent if you say anything.  Why should we have to "police" short term renters?  They can take their anger out on us for reporting them.” 


Survey Respondent #423, PGAW

December 2, 2020




“I am being forced to move from my dream home due to totally unacceptable behavior of STVR renters next door that occurs again and again.” 


Survey Respondent #605, PGAW

December 12,2020




“Destroying the fabric of the neighborhood, incoming people who are here for a day or two, raising hell, disrespecting everyone with out-of-town owners who don't care about the residents or La Quinta who are only in it for the money.”


Survey Repondent #661, The Cove

December 9, 2020




“Things are getting worse! We spend every Thursday thru Sunday policing the grounds around our house and picking up trash in the gutters left by inconsiderate people here for the weekend. We have watched renters play holes on private golf course, even now after it's opened! … We shouldn’t have to tell people to get off the courses! We shouldn’t have to worry about what is happening over our fence every day! We shouldn’t have to worry about something bad happening between us and the renters! WE SHOULDN'T HAVE TO HAVE THESE CONVERSATIONS!”


Nicole, PGAW

November 1, 2020


"Unless you live near one, you have no idea what it is like.

How would you like strangers park all over your street, partying in their backyard, screaming and playing loud music during the day and at night, everyday and every weekend?

When would you be able to rest  after work and enjoy  your own home, the peace and quiet of the sunset, in your own backyard? 

Let's protect La Quinta and keep it the Gem of the Desert!"


M.P., North La Quinta

November 1, 2020


“Rentals are always the noisiest houses during the day; no peace and quiet. Worst thing is that most owners who buy to rent don't buy golf club memberships. Yet, their renters feel like they are members for the weekend trespassing on the golf course and driving golf carts around.” 


Mark, PGAW

October 25, 2020




“Most renters are noisy as they play outside music and talk loudly so everyone can hear them. Most of them run the pool equipment all night and use the pool well into the night. Because the houses by us are large … 3-4 couples rent the house to get-a-way for a week of fun, so they are there to play golf, and party which makes it impossible for us to enjoy our house.”  


Larry, PGAW

October 25, 2020




“We have STVR’s on both sides of our home. Animals are not leashed and running on golf course and in nearby lawns. Children riding bikes on golf course & playing in bunkers. Renters using nonmember carts and playing golf. Loud music and late-night pool/ hot tub parties which are extremely loud. General disrespect for homeowners. 

We never expected to live in a party community.” 


Barbara, PGAW

October 25, 2020



October 25, 2020


I have had nothing but problems for the past 8 years! No end in sight!


Toni, PGAW La Quinta




“STVR’s are a nightmare. The endless number of cars, the noise, the blatant disregard for our rules. We are done and considering a move to another community that had the common sense to make rentals 31 days or more. It is out of control.”


Robin, PGAW

October 25, 2020




“Neighbor next door rents constantly usually for 2-night stays...3-4-5 cars in a small home. Pool activity goes on until the wee hours of the morning as the noise level increases also. This new development has impacted our lives and we are doing all we can, making calls to the city and our command center but with new arrivals every few days it starts all over.” 



October 20, 2020




We live in a gated community and many of the homes have been sold to investors for rentals. We have 2 on either side of us. We didn’t buy here to hear pool parties. I have no problem with long term rentals. We’ve made friends with several over the years. This has got to stop! 


Steve, PGAW

October 20, 2020




“This is exactly why I moved away from PGA West (Greg Norman Side) after 6 years. We lived on one of the best streets (Royal St. George). Over the next few years house, after house, after house, was turned into a rental. So, between all the renters speeding around the corner, and all the renters across the street, I finally gave up and sold. … 

We simply got tired of seeing 8 or 9 cars at one house and complaining every week.

I appreciate your efforts, but for me this is a little too late. I wish you all luck… you’re going to need it.”


Mark, formally PGAW & la Quinta

October 20, 2020




“This Summer a new next-door owner announced he would be renting his property as much as possible. He has rented it consistently, usually for 2-night stays. Renters must depart at 11:00AM and new arrivals arrive at 4:00PM. Generally, 3 cars each time. The noise level has kept us up at night. We have called the city as well as command center, often after midnight. In the late afternoon and early evening, we cannot sit outside due to the noise factor. The renters do not seem to realize or care that there are people on the other side of the common wall. The property is basically a party house. Our previously quiet and friendly neighborhood has been impacted. We are full time residents and never expected we would be living next to a motel. It seems the new owners are operating a business in a zoned residential community. This is unacceptable.”                                         


October 17, 2020




“We have a “party house” next door to us. Occupancy turns over every three days, usually twice on the third day. Music and loud noise and partying has disrupted our daytime and sleep time on many occasions. Activities are often extended to the golf course fairway where the occupants play football and other games. Our streets are overrun with extra cars parked along the way as the driveways cannot handle all the “large” SUV trucks. We have submitted all this info to the gates, the police, the Hotline, Fairways and Masters meetings. This type of activity must be stopped!”


Stefanie, PGAW

October 16, 2020




“It is disheartening to see & hear STV renters trespassing on our golf course by playing around the greens, exercising their dogs (and not pick up after them), kids riding bikes on the bunker hills, underage drivers utilizing golf carts and too many vehicles parked overnight. Our noise issues come from across the fairway as much as an adjacent property. The golf course marshals are not trained or equipped to deal with combative renters—especially after the hours of golfer’s utilization. Calls go unanswered after hours.” 


Connie, PGAW

October 16, 2020




“The short-term renters make too much noise, they break rules, they abuse the golf course. They are rude and noncompliant to our permanent residents.”


Candy, PGAW

October 15, 2020




“It's too bad that because of a short-term rental house we have no neighbor on one side. Instead, we are forced to live next door to a party house.”



October 15, 2020

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