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A Vision for La Quinta 


Neighbors for Neighborhoods of LQ (N4N), a group of La Quinta residents, respectfully submitted a 100 page report, VISION FOR LA QUINTA  with recommendations.  The proposal was delivered to La Quinta City Hall and received by the City Manager January 11, 2021.  

Mayor Linda Evans said... “I appreciate the work and effort” the group took to provide additional information that the council can weigh along with the ad hoc committee’s recommendations. “I want to thank them (N4N) for actually doing it (the study) because this is exactly what we have been saying even post-ad hoc … we want to hear from other people; we want to get all the input before we make decisions,” Evans said. “This information is valued and will absolutely be taken into consideration as we proceed with the discussions regarding any program changes,” Evans said.   Sherry Barkas,  Palm Springs Desert Sun, published January 12, 2021.
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Vision for La Quinta

Neighbors for Neighborhoodslq (N4N), a group of La Quinta residents produced a VISION FOR LA QUINTA report and recommendations.  This VISION proposes an integrated plan to reinvigorate the post COVID economy by developing the Silver Rock Resort and Signature at PGA West, replenishing our depleted housing inventory and solving the “nightly” Short Term Vacation Rental (STVR) problem.  

These recommendations used inputs from the Ad Hoc STVR Committees final report, an N4N survey, lessons learned from other cities and HOAs, and additional facts and data.

Survey Written Comments

N4N's Vision for La Quinta report included survey results from five questions where participants could provide written comments. There were 945 written comments from the survey and these were listed in pages 57 - 100 of the Vision for La Quinta Report.

Survey Results 

The Vision for La Quinta recommendations relied in part on a survey of residents from twenty one neighborhoods within the city of La Quinta. The survey was conducted between November 25 - December 11, 2020. The results are made available in the following page sections.  The survey’s objective was to collect and evaluate the opinions of La Quinta residents living near STVRs. The survey data results appear on pages 47-54 of the report.

Suervey Results
Vision for La Quinta
Written Coments
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