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A Message to Our Ballot Initiative Supporters


Neighbors for Neighborhoods LQ (N4N) are disappointed La Quinta will not join the other four valley cities that have protected their residential communities from commercial nightly rentals.  We want to thank all the volunteers who collected signatures and made this vote possible.  

Unfortunately, our grass roots effort couldn’t overcome the infusion of over $200,000 from industry lobbyists, outside investors and corporations.  7,400 voters and thousands of snowbirds have told us they want short term vacation rentals restricted from residential neighborhoods.  

N4N will continue monitoring the city SVTR program and work to assure the City Council honors their campaign commitment of no new permits in residential neighborhoods and to improve Hotline hours and code enforcement.  


We urge supporters to visit the N4N website for updates and to post your opinions and experiences with the current STVR program.

Your Neighbors for Neighborhoods of La Quinta Team.

Election Results
Measure A   Election Results, November 8, 2022

Thank You to our Volunteers​!

We wish to thank you, the many concerned residents, who supported us on Measure A in 2022. To those of you that gathered petition signatures; to those of you that donated to La Quinta Residents YES on A; to those of you that endorsed YES on A; and to those that canvassed neighborhoods in person or by phone. Many Thanks! Throughout this campaign we gathered over 3,600 petition signatures and received over 7,400 votes for Measure A. We thank you for all your support. We couldn’t have gotten this far without you!


Your Neighbors for Neighborhoods of La Quinta Team.

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