YES on A - List of Endorsements

Ballot Measure  A  -  [Shall the measure,  proposing to phase-out and permanently ban "non-hosted short-term vacation rentals" as defined, in non-exempt areas of the City of La Quinta by December 31, 2024, be adopted?]

Don Adolph former Mayor of La Quinta  PGA West

Gary Tomak former Desert Sands Unified School District School Board member  PGA West 

Kay Wolff   Community leader and City Founder  Cove

Linda Williams  former member of Historic Preservation Commission and President of LQ Historical Society  Cove 

Paul and Dori Quill  former Planning and Community Service Commissioners  Yucatan

Tricia Pearce   DSUSD School Board Trustee, Area 3, La Quinta

John Guerrini  Laguna De La Paz - President  

Jackie Boylan and Alex Rechtorik  LQ Realtors Cove 

Barb Butler Cove

Judy Carey Cove

Dr. Timothy and Patti Denman Citrus 

Dianne Franco Cove 

Rosemary Genovese Laguna De La Paz

Shelley Glickstein Rancho La Quinta 

Trice and Patrick Healy Cove

Chip Hilliard  Citrus

Dan and Edie Hylton Cove

Cameron and Neeta Quinn Del Oro

Mario Sewell  Cove

Dick and Jan Storbo Cove

Mishael and Craig Patton  Cove 

Nancy and David Salvatierri  Retired Educators Cove

Jeff and Val Smith   Retired Educators Cove

Philip Williams  Cove

Philip Drucker  Dean of California Desert Trial Academy College of Law and  Academic Dean and Professor of Constitutional Law

Rod McQuire Cove

Edward Armendarez and Toby Browning  Cove

Autumn and Rasheed Diaz  Educators  Miraflores

Sheree Wahl  Cove

Christen Smith  Educator Cove

Steve Bartow and Julie McMahon  Rancho Santana

Dr. Roger and Diane Greenberg  Rancho Santana

Robert and Mercedes Courting  Cove

Rod and Cindy Stout  LQ Fairways 

Donald and Connie Nimis  PGAWest

Richard Vershure  PGAW, La Quinta

Barb Montavon  PGAW

Marie  Thompson  Cove

Ergun  Bakall PGAW

Chuck  Heard  The Quarry

Jim Yaple  Cove

Nancy  Blackmore  PGAW

Jeffrey Long    PGAW, Stadium Residential

Jean Smith  Cove

Mariel Swann Cove

Paul Spitzer  PGAW

Scott & Harriet Rosen  PGAW Norman Residential

Susan Vaughn  Cove

Terry Pracht   PGAW

Frank  Walker  Indian Springs Neighborhood

David R. Gross PGAW

Guy Chabot  La Quinta Highlands

Suzanne Roth Andalusia

John Martin  PGAW

Karen Duran   Indian Springs Neighborhood

Kimberly Bartonsanchez  Acacia

Anthony Laperuto    PGA Resident

Carol Peyton    PGA West Resident

Jim & Barbara Lambert    PGA West Fairways

Christy Clark  Estates at La Quinta

Janet Valenti   Puerto Azul

Rick Vershure  PGAW

Michael Dunham    PGA West

T C Tseng    PGA West

Silvya Manquero    La Quinta Cove

Ron Fremont    Trilogy La Quinta

Sandra Cridet    Madero

Terri Butler    PGAWest

Bette Kirk    Pga west

Doug Millar    La Quinta

Laurie Davis    Monterra at PGA West

Bill Butler    PGA West

Marissa Krause    RN (2nd generation LQ Cove resident)

Martin Boylan    Monticello

Derrick and Debbie Brown    PGA WEST

Mark and Dianna Schmitz    Financial Consultant PGA West

Marcia Millar    PGA West

Michael Mattos    PGA West

David Park    PGA West

Cyndie Kather    PGA West

Maria De Los Angeles Valencia  La Quinta Cove

Richard Gray    Vice-Chair Concerned Citizens of La Quinta (CCOLQ)

Lawrence Shane    Greg Norman

Jan Van Willigen    President PGA WEST Residential Association

Geraldine Harmina    PGAWEST

George Harmina    PGAWEST

Terri Olsen    La Quinta Cove

Rod McGuire    The Cove

Sue Driscoll    Real Estate Professional La Quinta Fairways

Karen Wayne    PGAWest Norman

Steve & Susan Bottom   PGAWest Norman

Lowell Bridge    Point Happy

Terry and Patricia Pracht    PGA West Masters SBA

Janet Cioffi-Kennedy    La Quinta fairways

Charles Simpson    Puerta Azul

Dan Rendino    PGA West

Jody Shapiro & Annette Chester    The Greg Norman Course at PGA West

Robert Morin    Highland palms

James Carpenter    Highland Palms

James Manke    PGA Wedt

Linda Kraemer    PGA West Resident

Jim Yaple    La Quinta Cove

Hal Summers    La Quinta Cove

Dave Heckman    La Quinta Cove

Adrianne Duran   La Quinta Cove 

Mark “Ole” and Marde Olson    PGA West

Judith Hoffman    Highland Palms

Shelly O'Donnell   Aurora

Marjorie Cohn   PGAWest

David & Marcie Fazzone  Home Owner, La Quinta

Juan and Maria Valencia   La Quinta Cove 

Esther Mocuta   Home Owner in the Cove

Keith Marks   Tradition

Rizzi   La Quinta

Linda Copeland   Mid La Quinta

Michael McGray   PGAWest

Jerry and Nessa Perman   PGAWest

Paul Raymond   PGAWest

Nancy and David Salvatierra  Long time valley educators

James Leal   Full Time Resident PGA West

Cynthia Merry   Greg Norman Estates

Walt and Janie Scheela   PGAWest

Karen Altenbach   La Quinta Cove

Carol Heeter   PGAWest

Judith Hoffman   La Quinta Cove

Hal Summers    La Quinta Cove

Jim Yaple    La Quinta Cove

Adam Miller    La Quinta

Jerry Juhl    Bajada Estates

Judith Neid    Resident The Cove

Walter Malishka    PGAWest

Oraldo Mojarro    La Quinta Cove

Beth Brown    PGA West Res II

Kristine Lovell    Trilogy at La Quinta

Lyssa Vermillion    Talante

Paul Franco    Desert Pride, north LQ

Jeff and Cindy Burda    PGA West

Brad Beland and Trish Kenton    Full time resident La Quinta

Nancy Bianchi    La Quinta Cove

Gary Dolenga    Gary "The Sign Man" Dolenga

Karen Nener    Puerto Azul

Donald Shoffstall  PGA West

Shirley Bergeron    PGAW

Patricia Pracht    PGA WEST Fairways Resident

Loydene Lazich    PGA West full time resident

Bill Lazich    PGA West

Vivien    The Cove

Judith Neid    The Cove

Rod McGuire    The Cove

Leslie Moritz    Del Rey

David Moritz    Del Rey

Jerry Mendoza    Quinterra

Christopher Leahy    Andalusia

Travis White    PGA West

Robert Cote    PGA West

Judith Schaefer    PGA West

Jeff Hillebrand    PGA West

Marvin & Stefanie Segal    PGA West

Mariel Swann and John Spick    La Quinta Cove

Craig and Marie Thompson    The Cove

Tom Thomas   PGA West

Sandra Minder    Resident Trilogy La Quinta

Ern Peterson    PGA West

Cynthia Roberts    North La Quinta

Mike Ziskind    Past Chair, Neighborhoods of Rancho Mirage

Phylicia Martellucci    The Cove

Gail and Ken Merchant   PGA West

Richard Gray    Vice-Chair Concerned Citizens of La Quinta (CCOLQ)

Phylis Dolenga    Retired CFO

Keith Whitaker   PGA West

Joe & Sally Kirley    PGAW

Terry Schubert    PGA West Resident

Judith Laurence    PGA WEST

Jeanne Wright    PGA West

Christine Wisener    N. La Quinta

John Wisener    N. La Quinta

Tom Campagna   Tradition La Quinta

David Gleason   PGA West

Luis Miguel Cruz    Bilingual educator

Michelle Altenbern    Elementary Teacher, La Quinta Cove

Daniel Ma    PGAWest

Bryan Usaacs    PGA WEST

Linda Gunnett    La Quinta Cove


Jason Myers    Sonrisa

Carol Nolte    PGA West Res 1

Elizabeth Harned    Laguna de la Paz

Cindy Bell    PGA WEST

David Benner    PGA West, Greg Norman G.C.

Cindy Balasubramanian    PGA west Stadium

Amy Moye    Enclave

Lt.Col. Eden b’ebla    La Quinta

Barbara Montavon    PGA West

Kevin Foley    PGA West

Francine Korda    The Citrus

David Eduardo Gleason    PGA West

Art & Gayle Schuler   PGA West Fairways Assn

GeorgeAnn Goellner    PGA West

Megan Manweiler    Full time resident and mother

Kevin Miles    Full time resident of Desert Pride

Mario Sewell    Cove

James Hamilton   PGA West

Michael Meany    The Haciendas @ La Quinta

Kathy Smith    Greg Norman PGA West

James Montgomery    La Quinta CC

Cher Van Wagenen    Citrus

Albert Garcia    Cove

Beth Brown    PGA West

Janet Mcnair    Peninsula Park PGA West

Tim & Brenda McQuiggan    PGA WEST

Deborah Taylor    The Cove

Roy Dotto   PGA West

Karen Miller    Estates @ Point Happy Ranch

Jose Vega    Cove

John Conroy    PGA West

Karen and Larry Wayne    PGAWest

Eileen Gianguzi    Indian Springs Area

Howard and Monique Culver    PGA West

Boyd Beghtol    Desert Pride

Denise Pellegrini    Homeowner, LaQuinta Cove

Rob & BJ Floersheim    PGA West

Alberto Garcia    2nd generation resident - local 12 Operating engineers

Eric Stattin    Owner Cabrillo Way

Beth Brown    PGA West

Paul Spitzer    PGA West

Mark Thorson    PGA West

Lawrence Shane    Greg Norman

Dobli Srinivasan    MD

Janice Pratte & Dr. Larry Leong    PGA West

Michael McGray    PGA West

Matthew and Karen Nelson    full time residents PGA West

Linda Gunnett    Cove

Jeff Burda    PGA West Res I

Doriel Wyler    Former Commissioner for Community Service

Rodney Betsargon    45625 Coldbrook lane La Quinta 92253

Tom and Sandy Baak    Owner PGA West

Pamela Glasier    N LaQuinta